Note: Please use the Internet package for the first time to run this Niazi TV app. So that all settings and presentation can be loaded into your application. Then you’ll be able to see everything in the free app on the SIM below.
Jazz, Warid

NiaziTV Updated Version 8.0 .apk

niazi tv jazz app

Niazi TV 2019 Features:

  1. 70 Free TV Channels
    1. 100 Paid Channels
  2. Ten Sports Free
  3. 600+ Free Movies
  4. 200+ Free Dramas
  5. 700+ Free Dramas Episodes
  6. Coke Studio Free Shows
  7. Free Kapil Sharma Shows
  8. Siasi Theater Free Shows
  9. Q K Jahooriyat Hai Free Shows
  10. Funny Videos Free
  11. Free Mazaq Raat Shows
  12. Results Updates
  13. Free Songs
  14. PTV Sports
  15. Live Cricket Scores
  16. Other Apps Features
  17. Auto Daily Update App

All the features and data in the Application are 100% Free on Jazz & Warid SIM.

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