seomobile.tk was started in December 2018 by Zain Ramzan. The main purpose of starting this blog is to help other bloggers/website developers and provide All Types of Articles, Applications, Blogger Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Tutorials, SEO tips, Templates, Earn Money Online and best tools for blogger.
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Founder & Author:

Zain Ramzan is a 23-year-old guy he is a Computer Science student and a young part-time blogger, computer expert last Three years. Currently, live in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. He knows about Web Designing, Web Programming, Blogger, Online Earning, SEO, Graphic, Video Editing, Social Media, Software and know everything about computers.

My Mission:

I spend my thousands of hours in front of my computer. I research new things and love to share with everyone. Thanks to all of you with your support my blogging Interests is not letting down. You can follow me on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Zain Ramzan’s advice to new Bloggers:

” When you intend to do something innovative in life, people will tell you that you can not do it but when you prove that you can, the same person would ask you: How you did it? So don’t give up and keep blogging humbly.

Blogging requires a little hard work but a lot of patience. It lets you communicate with a multicultural online world of 2.2 Billion people, each of them is eager to find out, what have you got to share. So respect this opportunity and work hard with sincerity. Blog only to spread knowledge and love. Give more value to Quality content, respect Copyrights, your Readers and hate Blogging for money alone. I am blogging for four years but I still feel like a newbie and this is what that keeps me pushing to do more.

Blogging is about building relations so remain humble and friendly to everyone especially to those who remained your first mentors. Ego will take you back where you came from. Treat Blogosphere as your family always.

Please remember to be thankful to GOD Almighty for gifting you with the ability to read and write. Every one of you is a born genius, you just need to recognize your God gifted potentials. Wishing you all a happy Blogging career. Stay blessed and be happy always. Peace and blessings are upon you all.